Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dad Brings Light to UCLA!

Today my Dad spoke to a group of UCLA medical residents at the invitation of wonderful Dr. Avidan. The hope (I think) was obviously to educate them, but also to put a name and face to a disorder most students just read about. My Mom and I accompanied my Dad and I can't express how proud I felt of him as he told his story with such honesty and openness. Who would have thought all those years ago when my Dad was convinced he was going insane that he would be sharing his experience and enlighteneing the minds (and hopefully hearts) of future M.D.s?

Dr. Avidan also presented a very informative PowerPoint presentation on RBD. He then asked my Mom and I to speak about what it's been like to live with and love someone who suffers from the disorder. I felt so emotional during the whole thing that I'm afraid I could barely find the words. I just tried to convey how heartbreaking it was to see my Dad's health decline, to have such few answers and to be met with such disregard from so many medical professionals we saw. That is, until we found Dr. Avidan.

As we left, I told my Dad, "Thanks to you there are now 20 future doctors who will go out into the world and have a better understanding of what RBD is". Quite a beautiful thing if you ask me.