Friday, March 20, 2009

How Bad Did it Get?

I'm often asked what kinds of things my Dad has done during an RBD episode. Here's a sampling...

• He's jumped through a first floor window.

• He's suffered numerous cuts and gashes on his head from hurling himself out of bed.

• He's pounded, punched and beaten the floor and the walls to the extent that he severely busted up his knuckles and bruised his hands.

• He's yelled and screamed so loudly that he's woken the neighbors.

• He's gone head-first through a screen.

• He's woken up so disoriented and panicked that he thought he was losing his mind.

• He's thrown furniture (couches, chairs, lamps, tables, etc.) and hurled a TV across the room that was so heavy he could barely move it when he was awake.

• And most devastating of all to him, is that he's come very close to harming my Mom (
unknowingly and unintentionally of course), when they were sharing a bed.

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